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Why startups are hard — the math of venture capital returns tells the story at andrewchen

Dear readers, I’m happy to announce I’ve completed my first year in my new role at a16z, and it’s been a blast! I will write more about it coming up, but in the meantime, it’s very timely that my colleague Scott Kupor has written a new book, Secrets of Sand Hill Road, with the fun…

The Podcast Ecosystem in 2019

Dear readers, Podcasting has been a slow burn, and has turned into a movement. 90 million Americans now listen to podcasts, and if your behavior is anything like mine, it’s turned into a multi-hour per week habit. I reach for my podcasts whenever I’m commuting, whenever I’m doing a long walk between offices, or if…

Use These 8 Content Creation Lanes to Flesh Out Your Strategy

Your business strategy informs your content strategy and your content strategy informs how, when, why and what you write. The lanes below are ways that you can flesh out a content strategy, but make sure it aligns with your business strategy. If, for example, you are creating content for a self-serve SaaS company that relies…

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